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Second hand musical instruments for hire

Is buying an instrument not practical, ever thought of hiring?

If you are a beginner looking for a second-hand instrument or prefer to rent rather than buy, then Dave can supply the instrument to suit your needs and pocket. The following instruments are regularly in the workshop looking for new homes: trumpets, cornets, tubas, French horns, flugelhorns, bugles, sousaphones, trombones, euphoniums, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, flutes, recorders, saxophones, cor Anglais, piccolos. If the instrument you are looking for is not in the list below do not hesitate to contact Dave Ballard as he will almost certainly be able to get hold of it for you.

Rental is at the rate of 15% of the retail price per quarter. You are welcome to purchase your rented instrument at any time and the amount you have spent renting the instrument can be offset against the purchase price. Click here for a rental agreement

Some questions answered:-

How much does it cost?
15% of the final price of the instrument is paid upfront.

How long can I rent it for?
Three months at a time. The maximum time scale is normally six months but if a student is renting the instrument through the school it can be extended to nine months.

Can I buy the instrument at anytime?
Yes, all you need to do is pay the outstanding balance.

What happens if there is a problem with the instruments and it needs repairing?
Whilst the instrument is on hire it is covered for any normal problems like leaks etc.

Is the money paid taken into account should I choose to buy it?
By the end of the hiring period any money you have paid is deducted. So if you have an instrument that cost 200 for example and you have rented it for six months and paid 30%, which means there is 70% left to pay which equates to an outstanding balance of 140.

Can I upgrade?
Yes, simply pay the difference.

What kind of instruments can I hire?
Flutes, Saxes, Clarinets oboes etc, most brass instruments and members of the violin family. These can be either new or second hand but have all been checked over.

For second hand musical instrument adverts click here

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