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Vandoren Optimum series Soprano Mouthpiece

SL4 Here is a mouthpiece that will improve your playing considerably , especially if you are a player who like me has breathing problem. Being Asthmatic need not stop you playing but can be made easier with the right mouthpiece. The SL4 is special designed for that purpose. Made of Ebonite, with this mouthpiece you should be able to play anything you want to and to be frank , I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I am a cronic asthmatic with only half the lung capacity of a normal person and I am not able to walk very far yet this mouthpiece is I must admit a boom to all lung sufferers. Do not get me wrong. You do not need to have lung problems to play this mouthpiece but if you do it is the best choice for your condition. There is also an Alto sax mouthpiece in the Optimum series should you require one

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J. Michaels Soprano Sax Mouthpiece, Ligature & Cap.

Good value for money plastic mouthpiece, Ligature, & cap outfit, perfect for students.

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Price: £15.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer S 80 Series Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

Various Facings, See chart by clicking on "Title".

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Price: £119.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer Series S90 Soprano Sax mouthpieces

Various Facings, See chart by clicking on "Title".

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Price: £124.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer Metal Mouthpiece "Classic" for Soprano Sax

Various Facings, See chart by clicking on "Title".

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Price: £259.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

David Hite Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

The David Hite mouthpieces are recommended for a variety of playing situations: concert and stage bands, sax quartets, studios and show orchestras. They have a flat, modestly raised baffle. The table is angled in such a way that the tip of the reed is centered on the bore of the mouthpiece. This improved design gives your sax a rich lean sound rather than the old style spread, heavy tone. Both high and low registers are enhanced, and tonal flexibility is facilitated.

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Yamaha Soprano Saxophone plastic mouthpiece

326 Plastic Soprano mouthpiece. come in 4C up to 7C.

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Price: £34.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Yamaha Ebonite Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

Yamaha Ebonite Soprano Sax Mouthpiece
Looks much the same as the Yamaha plastic mouthpiece but made of hardened rubber the Yamaha Ebonite mouthpiece will give you a warmer and slightly softer Sound.

Tip: Never clean an Ebonite mouthpiece in water. This would have a chemical reaction that would render the mouthpiece less responsive. Only ever clean with a soft cloth or mouthpiece cleaning brush.
As a guide to which size lay you require.
4CM is for students while 6CM or 7CM is for more advanced players.

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Price: £79.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  
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